Sunderland Snooker League

1.New applicants will be accepted by a majority vote of existing clubs, although the committee can exercise discretion with late applications

2.League and competition fees will be set on a yearly basis.

3.The combination of clubs shall be known as the "SPONSOR" Sunderland Snooker League and have as its object the promotion of snooker for the benefit of the members

4.League fees should be paid and players' registration made before commencement of the seasons start, although players registration will be accepted until 31st  December. The committee will exercise discretion regarding players where it is felt that a club would not be able to fulfil its fixtures.

5.The format of the league will be decided at the AGM each year.

6.The pair's players must be named before the commencement of the match.

7.Three men can constitute a team, with the point for any frames not played going to the other club. This applies for both the Winter League and the Summer League.

8.League matches will be played on a Tuesday or Wednesday night commencing 7.30pm and must be completed the same evening. The names of the players should be entered onto the official scorecard before the commencement of the match. The sequence can be varied with the agreement of both captains before the commencement of the match. A toss of a coin will decide the break for the first frame, and frames will alternate accordingly for the rest of the game. In the event of the non-arrival of a player, a reserve previously nominated before the game can be substituted with the match being continuous.

9.Games must be played according to the fixture, although leeway will apply when games are mutually agreed to be played another day. Teams are expected to play the registered reserves in order to fulfil the fixtures in the week designated. The league secretary and the opposing team must be given 2 days notice of any postponement and defaulters will be fined £5 and 7 point penalty in the winter league and £5 plus 5 points in the summer league. A similar fine will again apply unless the game is played with 28 days. Any postponed game at the end of season must be played in advance, as no games will be allowed to be played after the end of the season.

10.No player can play for more than one team in a season, (penalty £10 and 2 points deducted), although an unused player can transfer to another team of the same club.

11.The home team must provide a competent referee to ensure that the rules are applied.

12.20 minutes is allowed for late arrival before the first frame is forfeited. A further 20 minutes for subsequent frames.

13.Scorecards showing the relevant information are to be posted first class, emailed or telephoned to the Fixtures Secretary to arrive Saturday morning at the latest. 2 points deducted for late cards.

14.Members must abide by the rules of the club they are visiting remembering that some clubs have a strict dress code.

15.When playing a free ball the object ball must be nominated.

16.If the cue ball is touching another ball, the referee must call touching ball and ask the player to nominate the ball / colour they are going for.

17.Any teams found falsifying the scorecards will be docked 10 points or possible exclusion from the league.


18.Only registered players may enter competitions.

19.In competitions the home player must make contact within 10 days giving at least 3 dates not in the same week or the same day in consecutive weeks. If no contact is made the tie is reversed and the 10 day rule reapplies. If problems are encountered in making contact players should advise their representative and that of the opposing player. In team knockout competitions players can be integrated from any of that clubs teams.

20.Other than the open singles, all knockout competitions and the summer league will be handicapped. In doubles matches, both players' handicaps are added together then halved to the lower full number. The committee reserve the right to adjust handicaps at any time.

21.It is the responsibility of the winning players to inform the competitions secretary of the results. Closing dates will be strictly adhered to. Unplayed games will not be carried over except in exceptional circumstances.

22.Protests and disputes must be in writing to the secretary and to the opponent to enable both parties to attend a meeting to plead their cases. The effort taken by players to follow the correct procedure will be taken into account when reaching a decision. The committee?s decision is final in all cases.

23.It is expected that clubs prohibiting young players will assist in rearranging competition matches.


24.The committee reserve the right to make decisions on all related matters and disputes, impose fines, and cancel or refuse registrations that may bring the game into disrepute.


25.A meeting will be held every four months to discuss the business of the league.

26.A £5.00 fine and 2 points deduction per team, not club, will be strictly imposed for none attendance at these meetings.

27.The annual general meeting will be held to discuss the well being of the league, the reports of officials and the election of new officials for the forthcoming season.

28.Clubs are reminded that the league is run for the enjoyment of snooker by its members and spectators. These rules are designed with this in mind. It is the intention of the committee to promote goodwill, and we look for assistance to this end.


Rule 9 - Cancelling a game without due notice: £5.00 fine, 7 points winter league, £5 & 5 points summer league.

Rule 10 - Playing an unregistered player: £10.00 fine, 2 points deducted.

Rule 13 - Late score cards: 2 points deducted.

Rule 17 - Falsifying a scorecard: 10 points deducted or possible exclusion from the league.

Rule 26 - None attendance at meetings: £5.00 fine, 2 points deducted.

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Photos 1

  • South Hylton A - Winter League Champions 2018-2019
  • Adam Smith (Right) - Handicap Singles Winner 2018-2019

Photos 2

  • Richie Tiffin / Alec Hannan (left) - Doubles Final Winners 2018/2019
  • Steve Chandler (Right) - Over 55's Winner 2018-2019
  • John Smith (Left) - Captain's Cup Winner 2018-2019
  • Steven Thompson (Right) - Open Singles Winner 2017-2018
  • Glendale - 3 A-Side Winner 2017-2018
  • Graham Rutland / Adam Smith - Doubles Final Winners 2017/2018
  • South Hylton - Summer League Champions 2017
  • Graham Rutland Vs Gary Bell - Open Singles Final 2016-2017
  • Alec Hannan Vs Adam Smith - Handicap Singles Final 2016-2017
  • Tiffin / Hannan vs Wiseman / Danby - Pairs Final 2016-2017

Photos 3

  • Washington Snooker B - 3 a-side Champions 2015-2016
  • Green Baize - 5 a-side champions 2016
  • Farringdon - Summer League Runners Up 2015
  • 1st Division Champions 2014-2015 - Green Baize
  • 1st Division Champions 2014-2015 - Green Baize
  • 1st Division Champions 2014-2015 - Green Baize
  • Dean Wilson - 1st Division Champs, Doubles Winner & 1st Div Single RU
  • Sid Bate Retirement
  • Snooker Presentation 2010
  • Snooker Presentation 2007

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